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PDK Factory

PDK We develop products to meet quality standards by ISO 9001 : 2015 to ensure the quality of every step of the production. However, we have developing products to meet your certify for a long time.

PDK | Your partners for global market

Therefore our experience, we have produced and sold them to all over the world. We are ready to be a business partner for you to jointly develop raw materials of textile that are ready to support the sustainable development of your products together for global market.

  • STANDARD Qualities
  • STANDARD Control for Consistency
  • STANDARD inventory in stock
  • Improve your products’ STANDARD

Provide In House Training

We are ready to serve you the right yarn for your application’s process.

Each fiber has its own unique characteristics and is suitable for a specific application. Understanding the properties of each fiber will help you choose the right PDK yarn for you. You may choose PDK PP multifilament for sewing PP bags while you should use PDK spun polyester thread for sewing leather.

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