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Message from CEO

I have been in textile business since I started working. What I have seen from the industry is the up and down of business. Some big corporations has been disappeared. However, I have witnessed a certain number of companies that keep growing no matter how the economy is and despite the down trend of textile industry in Thailand.

What I have seen in these companies are their business philosophy which consist of similar beliefs such as honesty, innovations, modern management, quality, fairness to their stakeholders including employees, customers, and suppliers. What I have learned from these companies have become our business philosophy.  Even though our business has come to a new generation of management, what we have never changed is our beliefs in doing the right thing, virtues, honesty, fairness, and sustainability.

We will never forgoed our philosophy for any shorterm result. This business belief has ingrained in our cutures which makes Praditkorn a trustworthy company for both of our local customers and international partners and we will keep doing business this way forever.

“Trust from our customers is our most valuable assets. Work hard to gain customer’s trust and work harder to keep them.”

Chai Techasombooranakit