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PDK Products & Service

PDK Factory is specialized in technical and industrial thread, we have become a leader in the production of high tenacity polypropylene multifilament thread for PP bag stitching and other extremely demanding requirements.

With ISO 9001:2015 certification, you can be sure that our production process are carefully controlled and standardized to make high quality products that you can trust.

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Spun Polyester Thread

Our PDK spun polyester sewing thread for PP woven bags has impressed PP woven bag manufacturers.

High Tenacity PP Multifilament

PP Yarn is made from prime grade polypropylene resin with a top quality spin finish.

High Tenacity Polyester Filament Thread & Nylon

The yarn can be twisted, cabled or heat set according to your requirement.

Leather & Jean Sewing Thread

Spun polyester thread which are made specifically for sewing leathers, jeans and fabrics.

Stationery Thread

High quality red and white thread which specially designed for heavy duty tasks.

Other Threads

We offer special yarns according to customer requirements.